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Artist Biography
About Nicholas A. Price - Master Fine Art
With a first love of photography and writing, Nicholas A. Price flirted
with the world of business as a successful entrepreneur for a time
before returning to professional photography, sculpture and writing.
With over 30 years’ experience, Nicholas has spent the past fifteen
years documenting the American people, culture, economic,
engineering and other achievements and its trials and tribulations
using his unique style and highly technical skills all through the lens
of his manual film cameras. Some of the most important
photographic commissions and projects that were created on film in
this single artist's style have never or have rarely been, duplicated by
another single photographer.
Nicholas describes his methods simply; "It is not that I don't
embrace technology, I love science and our progress forward as
human beings in so many ways, it is just that the technology in my
field of creativity does not embrace me, my vision for perfection,
something precious and a true story, the wonderful tangibility of film
and traditional process still remains both exciting and unique, the
quality and beauty of the finished work incomparable to any other
His most personal work includes people photography within a huge
range of themes and subjects that include Entertainment, Urban
Themes, Aviation, Conservation, Portraiture Studies, Animal
interaction Fine Art Human Forms and Classical Dance. These
photographs depict a certain humble and inspiring perspective of this
artist and photographer - the Nicholas Price style of photography is
truthful, objective and usually candid.

Price is also a successful sculptor, writer and poet with an
impressive list of public art commissions; four published books of
poetry, children's short stories and several fiction books in the
genres of crime, thriller and comedy.
"Creating without boundaries and never wishing to be contained by them, I
attempt to place art in both private and public domain. I want my work to
catch a fleeting moment and yet still continue to grow and develop, with an
eye towards both the evergreen and the here and now. I strive for
perfection and never the mediocre, in everything I create. My emphasis is
to cross cultures and divides while communicating to all regardless of
economic, religious or ethnic boundaries, bridging these gaps in society,
starting a dialogue and hopefully bringing a greater understanding in more
than just the art itself. I would rather hear the voices of strong opinion than
none at all." - Nicholas A. Price
The critically acclaimed Exhibition "Playground of The Gods" at the Origen Gallery  | Photo Credit:NPE Management