Trick Trunk  by Nicholas A. Price
Trick Trunk  by Nicholas A. Price
Trick Trunk
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Trick Trunk  by Nicholas A. Price
Trick Trunk  by Nicholas A. Price
Trick Trunk  by Nicholas A. Price
Trick Trunk  by Nicholas A. Price
Trick Trunk  by Nicholas A. Price
In The Artist's Studio

Inside the Photographer's Studio... What does a studio say about the photographer who works there?
Nicholas Price's studio is a large open space, where all the creative ideas, campaigns and projects are created and is a reflection of the photographer's eccentric personality and tastes.

Amongst the professional camera equipment, lights, and backdrops, lay the different items from the previous photo shoots, including most recently, a 1920's steamer trunk, Nicholas' one-of- a- kind sculptures and furniture (see photo), his original photographs, canvas walls , a pair of ballet slippers, stiletto shoes, balloons and unsurprisingly, a child's odd toy or two.
Nothing is allowed in this space that doesn't evoke inspiration or creativity.

Nicholas' studio is a separate building and entity to the photography laboratory where the conclusion of the creative ideas take place - the finished hand-printed photograph from the negative. But that is another story for another day.
When the creative process begins for Nicholas, if you have had the privilege granted, it is a fascinating process to watch. Let us take the 1920's steamer trunk for example. Found and purchased in an old antique shop that restored such items, Nicholas brought this trunk into his studio, and in an excited state, cleared the space around it. He then opened the lid and with his eyes closed, deeply inhaled the musty smell of age. He then walks around the trunk, deeply in thought and then closes the lid and sits on the trunk, pondering.

Nicholas then tells me a story of the interesting journey this trunk has taken from the history he has garnered from previous owners - from the train travels on the Orient Express to the high seas journey on an ocean going luxury liner.

He then elaborates further by showing me the fascinating story that this trunk will now embark on in his creative project titled "Trick Trunk" …
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